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El-Nino :p

Yeah,as you know folks,Fernando Torres is about to leave Liverpool FC from what i heard and will join Chelsea FC. I think it’s only rumours before the closing window ends…..feeewwwwiiittt!!!Ha2,feel so sorry to all Liverpoll fans out there. Here is a picture i made to honour it…Check it out Yo!Well Pidot(my friend),you just gonna cry if the news is true…hua3


My dream smokin carS….One Day

One day i just want to own this metal machine….Peeewww

Just you wait Baby…I know you miss me and i LOVE YOU so Much….Mustang!!!

AC Cobra 427 1965


Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder 1957


Bullitt Ford Mustang 1968


Last but not least,another kids dream to own this Metal..Fuhhh

GTO 675

Collaborative consumption

Collaborative consumption.

Football at my country (kickoff period:0)

Orait folks, Malaysia has won his first cup after 16 years of waiting under coach K.Rajagopal which is AFF Suzuki Cup that also known as Tiger Cup long time ago.It was a really great for the squad to end the football season 2010 in awsome victory against Indonesia and also a very historic moment for the country and FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) especially to give something for the Malaysian fans to proud of our natonal heroes who representing Harimau Malaya squad. As 2011 is a real benchmark for FAM and Malaysian players to step up the game and become one’s of the respectful football team in Asia to fight back the crown as one of the Asia great football team in high standard like Japan,South Korea,Australia,Iran and Uzbekistan.I know it sounds so crazy but i think this is the only way to regain our honour back.As you know,Malaysian people has many football enthusiastic from many categories of age and races. This is why Malaysian football players need to show all their capabilities and play football not only for themselves but to display a nice game to watch for entertain the crowd which has great believes for their squad players…!!!They need to show their high standard performances to Malaysian fans as we ready to fight with other Asia giants. Right now at Malaysia we just kickoff to start the season with Kelantan Fc (Red Warriors) lifted the first cup which is Piala Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.Don’t worry,we still have another five trophies to compete for.Go3 Selangor team!!!ha3.Plus,Astro is a new main sponsor for the season which 4 year dealed contract with FAM if  i’m not mistaken rm 130 million worth of deal!!!Wow:-)


Malaysian Football Squad under 23 (Harimau Malaya)



Are you inspired?

The Inspired by Muhammad campaign is designed to improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims. It showcases Britons demonstrating how Muhammad inspires them to contribute to society, with a focus on women’s rights, social justice and the environment. The campaign coincides with a national poll conducted by YouGov which shows that 69% of people believe that Islam encourages the oppression of women, that just 6% of people associate Islam with justice and that a mere 6% believe that Islam promotes active measures to protect the environment. Overall, nearly half of all people in the UK believe that Islam does not have a positive impact on British society.Click at this link for futher informations

Like always, Petronas comes out with the most touching Chinese New Year TV ad every year.

Have you always been following Petronas’ Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali ads every year and think they are always the best and most touching ads? Now you will get to be among the first Malaysians to watch the latest ad from Petronas even before it is aired on TV.  Not only that, you can also easily send Chinese New Year e-greetings to your friends and share CNY banners! Gong Xi Fa Cai!



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Who is the biggest geek among your Facebook friends? How about the most busybody? The shy one? The prettiest of all? A rockstar? Tag your friends who fit in these personalities to let them know! Also, if you want to win prizes like Macbook Pro, iPhone 4, iPad, and Playstation 3, simply beat the high score of these 3 fun games and the prizes will be yours!

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Ha2..I luv Hot Ticket

Yup folks,i’m using Hot ticket because it’s more worth of value if you are Hotlink prepaid user.It’s flat rate at any numbers you called and i think it’s really suitable for student .First time i used i got 300 free sms and it just getting more.You don’t need to topup always if you are heavy users of handphone.Try it:)Guess what, Hotlink is giving away early ‘angpow’ for you to stayconnected with your friends and family! You will get RM20 bonus credit
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How to change your ‘credit card fees’ into free stuff instead. For Malaysians only

Have you always wanted to get a new credit card but the annual fee is too expensive for you? Or are you thinking that it is pointless to get another credit card as all of them are giving you the same benefits? The brand new Maybankard 2 is offering plenty of benefits for you such as 5 times more TreatPoints, 5% weekend cashback, waived annual fee and only 8.88% of finance charge to your credit card! This could be the best credit card offer you can get out there!Great promotions for this festive season to get more worth of value.

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