RUnning(Just Do It)

Orait folks,today i want to write about running or maybe some of you called joging or marathon.I dun care at all as long you do this benificial exercise.The human legs is a great weapon for us to maintain our physical fitness.This is why i highly encourage you guys to participate in this leisure exercise because it really does can help you to avoid stressful live you living nowadays.As you can see i’m a big fan of runnig/joging and im done this regularly atleast 3/4th times every week.It’s important for you to know the right way of technique to do this form of  activity because we don’t want any injuries or stessful condition on your body.For beginner i recommend you to take only a few steps or in in small distance.Please wear a shoes that is suitable and comfort for you to run and i suggest you get a running shoe for u.Orait,here some tips and video in links guide for you to run.Enjoy!!!


Just Do it:)


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