VSTONE Crew,It has been a while guys

After SPM(examination period) is ended which Biology papers were our only last test before a long period of freedom, that was the day i and my friends(VSTONE) aka 5 Setia will only got be together for the last time wearing school uniform smartly..ha3!!Ofcoure, deep in my heart i will miss something for sure because all of my friends that some of them i have known them since primary school after many years of laughter and enjoying ourselves as high school student. At that moment,i knew that we will take our own seperate ways to pursuit our dreams and ambitions.Hmm,i cannot deny a fact that i miss all of my teachers who had tought me since form 1 and form 5 especially Puan Noraini(chemistry teacher),which also our class teacher at 5 Setia. Orait folks,maybe you wonder what is VSTone is? OK,VSTone is our trademark to represent us which is “5 Sains Satu” where we were a science stream student. Really proud of that because we are the number 1 class which has high expectation from our teachers to be a good role model to other students..hahahhaha. That was the fact we don’t want to take seriously because we were not a nerd student at all but we all  have very lunatic behaviour  except Dineis and Hakimi….gahhh.The truth is i really miss all the moments we shared together during our school days and perhaps we will meet again i mean all of us one day and no one is missing.Here is the pictures about VSTONE crew members that my friends all about:)


Credit to Ashairi Naim






Hangout at Tasik Seri Serdang


Graduation time(everybody looks so stylish)


No larrh,she is not my girlfriend..haha,Naim,don’t be jealous:p


The Hot Guys…hak3


The conclusion is what i want to say it here that we must appreciate our friends a lot and every moment we share together because something for sure that it wont last forever but it’s up to you to make it more colourful and a nice memory to remember for.

~The End~




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