The Sound of People

As we look in poltical view recently shown by the Egyptian people to the world is a voice to reclaim better democracy from its government  and from their leaders to listen the rights of their people and their country. It shows how the people from all area of status united to defend and demand a better change from their previous regime ruler  after Mubarak 30-year rule with its own legacy of corruption,bureaucracy and immobility.Now the modern Pharaoh is gone forever and it’s time to make changes around political landscapes in Egypt from its people which is Egyptian people.For real,the sacrifice of all protestors(Egyptian) are worth of value for their country’s future sake and the new Egypt is reborn and reform under the voice of people who wanted revolutionary act . I’m personally salute to all the people of Egyptian people for their courage,patience,heroic act aginst their government to reclaim better future for the country and its people. “My message to the Egyptian people is that you have gained your liberty”said Mohamed El-Baradei in an interview with Al Jazeera television.For sure,this is very historic moment for the Egyptian people and the world as its capture the voice of victory from people power after a long quiet under Mubarak’s regime.If not mistaken,125 people died or maybe more  during the riot . Let’s recite our appreciation to people who died during the revolutionary act aginst the regime downfall,Al-Fatihah . Perhaps,we gonna see a drastic changes of democracy in new polical landscapes in Egypt and the dreams of its people who thirst for brighter future and economic reformation.This is the sound of people,the power of people and the rights of people to justify demand from their leaders under the millions of people dreams for better Egypt.







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