Glee review

Hmm, since nothing to do in this long tiring+boring+empty”ing”+freaking long holidays of me. I did use some of my time watch Glee show on the internet. What i can say,i will give surely 9 stars out of ten review for this show. It’s true that Glee has stepping up out of the box give something fresh and new perspective for all moviegoers like me to watch a new version of entertainig,fun,good comedy in such that they do it in musical concept movie. Like hell for sure,i’m not very favour for myself watch musical movies because i’m more to action,drama,fighting genre.Ha2,well men always be men.In Glee, i can see all the actors presence themselves perfectly but it won’t still beat Prison Break which is another great tv show if you know it.I can see the fire and magic when they sing like they are born to be in spotlight and be a true star.Ha2,what’s up with all great compliments to Glee right?Like there is no other great tv shows and movies out there.True!we can’t deny the fact that Glee is one o f the tv series that we can put thumbs up for them.Enough with my comment,i think you better watch by yourself or with your girlfriend, mom, dad, auntie, grandfather, grandmother, mother in law, school gardener, freaky people or what so ever because Glee is fit for everyone. Sort of..hmmm(long thinking).Ok,that’s it,i’ll leave you a link where you can watch Glee for live streaming and a video from youtube.Check it out Folks!


Watch glee at this link :-


~The End~




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