SPM result is coming——->(- , -)

The rumours are wild spread. Every second counts and the lungs are seems not enough air to breath in. Yes , SPM result is coming and every candidates are waiting anxiously what they result would be. The teachers especially the Principal in all schools are hoping good resut from their cute little damn students to get many A’s possible so the school record will be excellent and their report to Ministry Of Education will be smooth as possible. On 23rd March 2011, i mean next week from this post’s date, the SPM results will be release and every candidates who took the test will be rushing in adrenaline rush as most of the part of their journey in high school will be end forever and where they belong in higher education to continue their study in higher level will depends on their good fucking result and a little bit of luck.Ha3,well folks, just ignore the bad words from this post if you feel uneasy with it. The truth is, i want my result to be excellent and everybody does. So, i hope i will continue my good form after quite a good result from UPSR and PMR.VSTone crew, i hope you guys and girls will flourish and pass with flying colours:)).I really meant from the bottom of my heart and let’s pray together and hopefully we will achive something on that day and make our school attain a good result overall so the Principal, teachers, parents, friends, mom’s & father’s friends, auntie, uncle, “Maulana”, grandmother, grandfather, neighbours, cousins, and anything related to be proud with us so they have some good damn story to tell to their friends(mengumpat) how good we are. Orait, i don’t want to talk nonsense anymore,so,do check it out video trailer below about SPM from youtube . You will laugh if you can understand the subtitle about. keh3x:))Damn funny

Examination slip(SPM)


p/s:-i got some interesing offers to pursue my study:))




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