Palestine-A Dream to be Freedom


My name is Zenn(not a real name) and i strongly support the Palestinian people right’s to have freedom and peace to be free from Israel abused and demolishment act to Palestinian people and their soil. I urge all the world community to be united in this matter and help them as much as you can because they have been suffering too long in Palestine-Israel conflicts that seems so uncertain that a peace resolution will come in both parties. Insyaallah,in my prayer i hope the Palestinian people will regain their honour back and become independent country without Israel interference anymore. I also hope the Muslim’s world to be united back and help our brothers(palestinian people) who are seeking help from us to reclaim peace and harmony in their region.One day,i hope there is another muslim fighter like brave Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab to free the Palestinian people once again and i hope it will be.Lastly,i would like to say to Israel to stop killing innocent people in Palestine’s state because it’s against the human rights under United Nations charter.That’s all for now and last from my word is “Free Palestine”!



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