Well,the song is suck and boring to be honest.Rebecca Black makes global sensational suddenly althought many people condamned her with her latest song so called ‘Friday”.In my opinion,i say please don’t say a bad words to her because i don’t think she deserves it and let just give her  a chance eventhought you don’t like her in some sort of whatever. Don’t get me wrong here,not that i like her or i admire her but this is her first music video and i think she can get far if she can change her vocals and tone level.Please Rebecca Black,if you reading this post can you change your tone because in your music video it seems like the voice is not yours at all and it’s belong to men.hahaXD.Last but not least,make cool song with nice lyrics that we can enjoy for and the music video is bad for me because the facial expression is not natural and fake.I hope anybody out there either her fans or haters can take this my comments in open heart and let just be fair with her.That’s all.Bye folks


Here is the music video of her in youtube


P/S:- thank you to all viewers that visit my blog:) Peace yo and have a faith in yourlife


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