The Inconsistent

Hello there! Wait,don’t close this tab yet before you read my new post after very long time not updating my blog(Loudexpose).He2,i know you guys missed me so much and here a topic that i want to talk to. As you can see above is my blog site stats per day in this month(April).Well,you can say the graph is not very so consistent perhaps it must be my lazyness to update this blog frequently and the viewers seem so boring to it.Ha2,first of all i want to say thank you so much for those who view this blog(Loudexpose). I’m trying to bring the best quality contents for this blog  so in some sort of ways you guys can think in diffrent perspective and learn something from it. Actually,i’m quite impress with this blog site stats because everyday there is an average 100 viewers above and surely i am very shock because i am not a serious blogger and i will try my best to update this blog as frequent as it would be to all the viewers for this site. If  i’m not mistaken,since march this blog site stats has attracted an average 100 viewers per day and i hope it will be in consistent form.OK,sincerely,everytime i login wordpress i will definitely view my site stats first.I don’t know why because maybe i think the viewers are my soure of inspiration and motivation to improve me more in blogging arena.Well,i hope one day my post will be selected as Freshly Pressed in wordpress from the best of 376,423 bloggers,471,338 new posts, 450,501comments, & 107,772,468 words posted today on’s the serious fact you can gain from wordpress and i’m encourage people for those who wanted to start blogging,you can start from . Seriously,you can learn a lot from wordpress and i’m still in learning curve to be the best from the best. WordPress for me is really friendly user and i think new bloggers can easily cope with that.Well folks! what are you waiting for,register now and we can be part of wordpress global community :))) I really meant it from the bottom of my heart.Peace yo!






I got myself a surprise video from wordpress and it’s really cool after i published this post 🙂


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