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Si Penghantar Surat



Seorang si penghantar surat

Pencari rezeki yang mengerah kudrat

Kerjaku jangan dipandang hina atau rendah

Kerna aku juga seperti kamu

Bukan peminta sedekah

Hanya menjalankan amanah


Seorang si penghantar surat

Dalam terik atau hujan

Ku redah demi mencari rezeki yang halal

Menghantar setiap utusan

Tidak kira ia(utusan) gembira atau mendukacitakan

Aku hanya menjalankan tugas


Usia sudah setengah abad

Tetap kuteruskan jua

Agar anakku dipastikan ke menara gading

Mengubah nasib yang tua ini

Si penghantar surat

Si pengerah kudrat

Si pencari rezeki yang halal

Di muka bumi tuhan ini

Kuungkapkan kalimah tahmid,Al-Hamdullilah


p/s:-terima kasih cik posmen yang telah menghantar surat tawaran universiti saya ūüôā



Karya :-Zenn


The Pursuit of Dream !

Assalammualaikum and Hello Folks,

Today is already 26 May 2011.Oh my gosh,it has been a very long break for me since i finished SPM(sijil pelajaran malaysia).Insyaallah we are heading towards Ramadhan which is around the corner soon.I can’t wait for that because that is the month for all Muslims and Muslimah are waiting each year in all over the world. I hope Allah can give me another chance to celebrate Ramadhan this year with my family.Ok,we leave the “Ramadhan” topic for a while and what i want to say for this post is about a DREAM!We all have a dream in life,who wouldn’t?I have a dream and you have your own dream.Some have a dream to be an artist,some wants to own Ferrari,some wants to be a billionaire,some maybe wanted to have their own TV show like Oprah Winfrey Show!haha:)

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Apprentice Training Centre (Mercedes Benz)

Hello there!

Orait folks,as from the title above,many of you will wonder what is that apprentice training centre? OK,don’t worry i will explain it later. First of all i want to say that this post is especially i highlighted for MALAYSIAN who have the passion to explore and learn in automotive industry and more importantly about cars.If you have that ,this is¬†maybe your truly chance to be what you want to be in your life and right now one company are willing to give you that chance which is Mercedes Benz (Malaysia).The Apprentice Training Centre is a program¬†that established since 2001 to train young skilled experience worker in automotive which has enthusiasm to learn and explore their career under this program.They used learning methodology more in hands on and less therotical method to give the close looks and expertise to their students in mechatronic course only. Well,isn’t it great to know about this but i want to say one fact that you should know. Mercedes Benz is the company that look in perfection and they are born to be the best.I mean number 1 in some sort of many ways.The fact you should know is that to get a chance ¬†to be their student is hard,you will be gonna through tough screening because the competition is so high.From 2000 or more applications form they received each year average,only hundreds are selected to get a chance for their first task which is Pre Enrollment Assesment Test that i called P.E.A.T. In this test,if you are short-listed or lucky enough to get the chance,you will be tested in english, mathematics, iq test, simple mechanical, simple wiring,¬†and drawing. So, i will not tell you what the questions would be in detail because you need to experience it by yourself. Upon all,after you finish the test,only selected candidates who passed that test will get a chance to have face to face interview with them.Maybe some of you wonder how could i know so much about this.Ha3,because i have got a chance to have interview with them which is i think the most enjoyful moment for me in all interview phase i had been through in my life.Orait,if you have a chance to get an interview with them,my advise is just be yourself and be cool and explain to them why you want to have this opportunity.Then,afterward if you are selected in this program i mean this¬†Mercedes Benz Apprentice Training program,you are damn lucky to be chosen because if ¬†i’m not mistaken,they only take 28 students each year.So,be thankful to God if you are chosen because you are among the best right now.To be truth,if ¬†i’m chosen,i will be in batch 9th since 2003 they introduced this program.Upon completing this program,you will signed 7 years contract with them and job guaranteed after 3 years program and 4 years internship bond working under them as technician from mercedes benz(Malaysia).This program is fully sponsorship and each month you will have RM600 allowance.The main thing i wan to say it here that if you have this opportunity,never have a second thoughts after you have signed a contract with them.So,think before you make a decission.From my batch,your starting salary upon completion is RM 1800.00 which is i think quite awsome and each year there is percentage increase in your salary.Your internship bond working with them will be from their partnership company of mercedes benz(malaysia) like Mofaz¬†and Mitsubishi all around country in Malaysia. So,i think this could be your chance to get to know the automotive industry.For futher information about this program please click the link below!

Good luck !

p/s :-sometimes is hard to fulfill our dream but it’s worth of try

the 3 special hours

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