the 3 special hours

It was simple but awsome gathering with my friends at our form teacher’s house,Puan Noraini(Chemistry teacher).Firstly i want to thanks a lot to Puan Noraini for giving us the chance to gather at her house and the collabration with Asyraf Arif(acalip) to make this our first potluck possible after very long time have not seen each other since we left high school.Lots of questions had been raised at the gathering and the main topic was “Where are you going to continue your study bro?”haha and the second one was “what are you doing right now” my answer “doing nothing” haha.Well,ofcourse we wanted to know their latest updates because they are my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and that what friends do!Ok,a little bit dissapointed because some of our friends couldn’t joined the fiesta because they have another circumtances to attend for.Really sorry and pity for Siti Aishah(old friend) because she is now at hospital  and under doctor’s care althought she really wanted to go for this potluck party gathering.Hmm,let’s pray together hoping she will get well soon enough.Well, the main topic was that i were thinking about was this will might be our last meeting together(i pray not) before we make our own path to pursue our dreams.To be what we want to be,Insyaallah,Allah will show us the way and one day if we meet again i mean everyone to be success and surely it will be nice to see that.Amin for that.Some of my friends will go for matriculation,form 6,diploma,foundation,and A-Level all over the states in Malaysia.Well guys, especially VSTone Crew! Do your best and give your best because i know we all can do it!For me,insyaallah i will go for German Malaysian Institute(GMI) for diploma programmes in Mechatronics this July.Pray for my success and i hope i will study well there. Here some of the pictures from the potluck party.Sorry because the pictures were taken from my camera phone with only 2 megapixel,so the resolution is not very good.Sorry about that 🙂

p/s:- Cikgu pesan” jgn berdua-duaan time kat U(laki+pompuan) nanti dan jaga akhlak+belajar betul2″.Tq Puan Noraini for had been teaching us 🙂

with my members and our beloved teacher,Puan Noraini

Serious talks about economy,don’t bother..hahaXD

Girls thing,don’t bother…hahahXD

~OK,THAT’S All……………..THE END~


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  1. VSTone Crew?? ada geng sendiri ke wan??

    GMI~~~~ good luck!

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