The Pursuit of Dream !

Assalammualaikum and Hello Folks,

Today is already 26 May 2011.Oh my gosh,it has been a very long break for me since i finished SPM(sijil pelajaran malaysia).Insyaallah we are heading towards Ramadhan which is around the corner soon.I can’t wait for that because that is the month for all Muslims and Muslimah are waiting each year in all over the world. I hope Allah can give me another chance to celebrate Ramadhan this year with my family.Ok,we leave the “Ramadhan” topic for a while and what i want to say for this post is about a DREAM!We all have a dream in life,who wouldn’t?I have a dream and you have your own dream.Some have a dream to be an artist,some wants to own Ferrari,some wants to be a billionaire,some maybe wanted to have their own TV show like Oprah Winfrey Show!haha:)

Ok,that is really great if you have your own dream!So, focus what you want to have in yourlife.I said it again,be FOCUS ! So,how about my dream?Hmm,i think my dream is little bit simpler perhaps  because what i want to be is not just a dream,it’s my goal which is “I want to be success in life both in this world and hereafter life“. That’s it! On this world,i will do what i want to do in life which is to finish my study first then pursuit my dream to be an engineer(mechatronics). I promise to myself that i will do my best in life and if god willing, i hope i can continue study overseas after i finish my diploma first and attain good result,Insyaallah.That would be nice! Right now is good to know that i have my own healthy rivalry to compete for which is my cousin,Farisha who have a big interest in Biotech and also have a dream to study oversea in biotechnology course!wowoXD.Haha,is just like a battle in gender which determine who is better.Boy vs Girl (el-classico) sort of.Insyaallah,we will do our best and pray for our success folks! Ok,enough about my dream, i want to hear your(viewers) dream too.So,please submit your comment below and tell me about your dream and what you want to be in yourlife.I really want to hear it,Peace out!

p/s:-Biotech vs Mechatronics…..hmm?(no answer) :/


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  1. ohh, got my name there !
    yeah ! let’s start the race. just hold the head firm and move on ~~

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